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Stan & Mary Collins


Co-Owners Stan Collins and Mary Poll

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Halloween Dance Party October 30

Studio Picture Calendar October 2015


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Tango Anyone?

Welcome to U Can Dance Studio 

Teaching St. Louis to Ballroom Dance since 1991!


 We teach all dance styles starting at ages 3 and up.

Social dance lessons to high level competitive dance training available.

Call for special rates for new students & kids from ages 3 to 18.

Call for special rates for first dance lessons for bride and groom.


It was HOT (95 F) at the MUNY Theater but we carried on and had a good time with all the people that came out to see "Buddy" show

Photo by Deca Dance Photography - Tony Eng
Here one of the videos from that evening, Enjoy!

All the practice that we did for the parade paid off. Nobody fell from the floats! That was a good thing. We have a video playlist to share of both entries. 

 Want Still Shots? Click Here. 

Want Extended videos playlist click here.


So what do you do when the lights go out? Find a light source and keep on dancing!

This is what happened on Wednesday July 1, 2015

BC 2015

Did you attend our Spring Showcase?

2015 Spring Showcase

How about our May Studio Dance?

The 80's theme was a lot of fun, Madonna's and Don Johnson's galore!

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Our First 2015 Group Formation Performance

2015 GRBIC performance team

We had a great time with our hosts! Thanks for asking us to help.



Our second 2015 performance for the Jefferson City Swing Club Dance Festival

2015 Jefferson City Dance performance team

We really enjoyed ourselves with the Jefferson City Swing Club Members



Nashville Was A Blast (March 20-21)

Below is a promotional video of the Music City Invitational Dance Competition that Students and Staff participated in. The video is from last years event. Why are we showing this BECAUSE Mary and DuVaul have been featured in it! We added a couple of slides and titles within this well done video to point out the locations of Mary with DuVaul within the stream. We had a great time, but then in a group we usually do. 


Some pictures from our 2015 Music City Invitational Dance Comp in Nashville.

2015 Nashville Comp  Dancers 

Were you at the studio for our 2014 Holiday Dinner Dance?

Here is a group shot of our attendees. Hope you were able to make it!

Just in case we wish you the best in the coming year. Do stop by.

2014 Holiday Dinner Dance

On December 6, 2014 Cope24   held their Dream Dance & Inspire Event at the Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield MO. U Can Dance Studio had a great time providing the entertainment for this fundraising event. We have a few images of practice and the show for you.  For more information on this parenting organization just click on the logo below. 


     Stan and Mary swing dance for COPE24

Stan and Mary in the first 10 seconds of their E.C. Swing performance

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Below are 3 video clips of our evening group classes from Monday and Wednesday. The formation routines were learned in the class and then performed at our 2014 Fall Showcase. Do Enjoy!


Click on the image to view our photo book of our 2014 Viva Las Vegas trip

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Our My Publisher book for our 2014 Las Vegas trip


As a group, we do get around. Want to join in? Come and visit the Studio.

A group picture of our Exhibition Team and our Solo Performers for

the "Rollin On The River" Dance Convention

Labor Day Weekend 2014 - Had a great time. Hope you were there. 

2014 Rollin on the River performance team


Video Playlist from our 2014 Pre-Show Exhibition at the Muny Theater

at Forest Park in St. Louis, Mo

These formation dances were all done to the soundtrack of "Grease"

After the exhibition we attended that night's stage production.  



Staff and Students from the Studio traveled to Las Vegas, NV July 2014

It is always more fun in a group.

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U Can Dance Studio at the Incarnate Word Parish School.

This is the final dance lesson with a dance party to bring their Cotillion experience to a close. 



Television Interview

A great place to learn all dances

Call (314) 209-9228

Ballroom Lessons: private lessons, group lessons and competition training in the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, V-Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive and Swing. These are all taught in all four different styles: International Standard, American Smooth, Latin American and Rhythm. Examples of Latin and Rhythm are Salsa, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Disco, Boogie Woogie and we teach Argentine Tango. 
Street Dance Lessons: Hip Hop, Tutting, House, Krump, Old and New School vogue, B-Boy, B-Girl, Locking, Popping, Improvisation, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Poms and Tumbling. 
All Dance instructions by certified teachers and choreographers.

Whether you want to learn a couple of dance steps or dance like they do on "Dancing With The Stars," U Can Dance Studio and their professional instructors can get you there. Don't limit yourself and above all have fun with us.

Current Class Schedule

7pm: American Smooth & International Standard
6pm: Beginners Ballroom/Rhythm/Latin 
7pm: Intermediate Latin & Advanced Latin (2 classes)
8pm: Latin
10am: Senior Group Class - please call 314-209-9228 to let us know you are coming
5pm: Advanced Teen Hip Hop, Tap, & Bollywood 

 Private Lessons by appointment: $50/hour (Jrs. $35/hour)

Call Us 314-209-9228

 All Prices Stated within this Site are subject to change Without Notice

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